"Your programs have always been a source of inspiration for me. I’m always amazed by how much focus and clarity and renewal come from just a few minutes of what you have to say. "

— Jackson Browne,
Rock Star

"You must tell the world about your transformation from journalist to Spiritual Activist. It's a fascinating story of your unfolding search for truth."

— Andrew Harvey, author of "The Direct Path"

"That was the best interview I've ever done. Thank you."

— Gary Zukav, author of "Seat of the Soul"

"We have so much in common ... it's like we share a Soul."

— Richard Bach, author of "Illusions."

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The Power You're Looking for is Hidden Inside You

Deep within the mix of thoughts & feelings that constantly compete for your attention is a happier, smarter, more successful YOU.

You've seen glimpses of your brilliance, your "better nature," your "Higher Self." Now, get the proven tools and techniques you need to truly "Know Your Self."

As you understand why you think, feel, and act the way you do, you’ll find the psychological & spiritual power to manifest your dreams, and then dream still bigger dreams.

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• Replace anxiety & confusion with peace-of-mind, insight & understanding. And “… to thine own Self be True.”