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The first time I sat through a Light and Sound session was in 1987. I remember thinking, "Wow, all the benefits of sensory deprivation tanks without having to get wet."
Mind's Eye ~ $349.95
plus $10 UPS shipping.
50 sessions plus binaural stereo sound.
and optional computer interface.

Galaxy ~ $249.95
plus $10 UPS shipping.
30 sessions, frequency read-out.

It was Buddha in a Box — higher consciousness with rechargeable batteries. I figured everyone would own one of these by the mid 90's. Of course, I also thought everyone would be meditating by the end of the 70's. I was wrong on both counts.

Anyone can manufacture a box with a computer chip in it that flashes LED's and generates pulsing tones — and many do. However, I recommend only the Theta Technology devices because of the University-quality science and research technology behind the software that goes into it.

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How Does It Work?

In most instances, Light & Sound machines are used to reduce the frequency of brain-waves to promote a natural, stress-free integration of the brain, mind, and body. Since the late 1930's, researchers have understood that high (fast) brain-wave frequencies scatter attention and compound stress and confusion. The primary value of high brain-waves (High Beta, >20 Hz) is the fight-or-flight response to clear and present danger. However, the tradeoff for faster and stronger in the short-term is a loss of higher brain functions such as creativity, intuition, conceptual understanding, emotional sensitivity, recall, and long-term vitality.

Low to very low (slow) brain-wave frequencies, generally less than thirteen cycles per second (<13 Hz), induce focused attention (concentration), deep relaxation, stress reduction, and conscious access to the creative genius of the subconscious mind. Interestingly, we are most alert and aware when brain-waves are centered between eight and thirteen cycles per second (approximately 10 Hz).

The term “brain entrainment” refers to the phenomenon of brain waves autonomically synchronizing their frequency rate to match any repetitive stimulus that falls within brain wave parameters, i.e. approximately 1 to 40 cycles per second. Light & Sound machines gradually lower the frequency of the flashing LEDs and pulsing audio tones to different degrees over varying periods of time and the brain waves follow.

These experiences of expanded awareness promote — to an extraordinary degree — creative insight, intuition, memory, emotional management skills, accelerated learning, conceptual understanding, peak performance, healing, pain control — even mystical experiences of universal love, bliss, and higher consciousness.

Light & Sound machines are guaranteed safe for everyone but those with epilepsy or other seizure disorders. If you are prone to seizures, consult your physician before using any optical stimulation device.

The Magic Wand,
the Wizard's Staff,
and the
Stairway to Heaven


Perhaps the richest allegory in all of Mysticism is the Mystic's Path also known as the Middle Way or Stairway to Heaven. Yet much confusion exists around the basic symbol for this pathway — the cadeusus.

The cadeusus is commonly used as a medical symbol in place of the Asclepius wand — the true symbol of physical medicine. Asclepius was the Greek god of medicine and healing. The son of Apollo and Coronis, Asclepius was often depicted holding a physician's staff with a single snake wrapped around it — a reference to the ritual of leaving non-poisonous snakes overnight with sick people to promote healing.
Hermes (Mercury)

The cadeusus, however, is associated with the Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus, the son of Zeus, the highest of Gods, and Maia, the earth goddess of plants and spring. In the Roman pantheon, Hermes is known as Mercury and is often depicted with the winged cadeusus as well as wings on his cap and feet. The two snakes wrapped around the cadeusus is a more esoteric symbol of the energies in the Yoga system of snakes as the Ida (feminine) and Pingala (masculine) — the polarities of the spiritual energy the Hindus call Prana or Kudalini.

Essentially, the wand of Asclepius represents surgery and the healing properties of the physical world in the form of various pills, powders, and potents. The caduceus carried by Hermes is a symbol of spiritual healing and alchemical magic — the ability of a refined consciousness of spiritual Love to transmute illness to health as water into wine, lead into gold, or sin to redemption.

Of equal interest is the rod itself. In yoga it is called the sushumna. It represents both the spine and the mystical path of refinement or redemption between the incarnated human and his overshadowing soul. It is usually depicted as having seven steps known as chakras in yoga, the seven grades of advancement or initiation in Rosicrucian philosophy, and the seven steps of refinement in alchemy.

Besides being called the Mystic's Path or Stairway to Heaven, it is also called the Hidden Way, the Unitive or Middle Way, the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, the Ladder of Lights, Jacob's Ladder, the Path of Liberation, the Scale of Perfection, the Tao, the Dharma, and "the Way and the Light."

In ritual and ceremony, the Redemptive Path of Spiritual Love is represented by the scepter, crosier, rod of power, wizard's staff, magic wand, as well as the Hermetic cadeusus (spine). In fable and myth, the path (teachings or laws) is represented by Christ turning water into wine, the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone for turning lead into gold (or Rumplestiltskin spinning straw into gold), the Ark of the Covenant, the Arthurian Quest for the Holy Grail and Jason's Quest for the Golden Fleece, the Yellow Brick Road in Oz, and the heartfelt wishes of Pinocchio, the Velveteen Rabbit, and Data (Star Trek) to become "real."

Visual Image Retention
and other Illusions

Here's a cool experiment about things not always being what they seem to be. Focus directly on the four dots in the center of the image below for about 30-seconds; then turn your eyes to a light-colored surface and blink your eyes once or twice. What do you see?

Go to more optical illusions.


While humans have walked upon this earth for three or four million years, whales have been here for approximately 50-million years — first in water, then on land as dog-like creatures, eventually returning to the sea. This long history, plus their ability for communication over great distances, has led many to believe that whales may be highly conscious and intelligent, perhaps in ways we just don't understand.

Male humpback whales sing long, complex songs. A typical song lasts from 10 to 20 minutes, is repeated continuously for hours at a time, and changes gradually from year to year. It appears the songs may be a part of mating behavior.

Here is a link that allows us to listen to whales just off Maui, Hawaii in real time. You'll hear much more singing at night (Hawaii time is 3 hours behind California time, 11 hours behind GMT), especially when the moon is full or nearly so. Enjoy.

Listen live right now!!

The Moon & Sun

The phases of the moon are important to esoteric magicians and alchemists as an allegory for the relationship of man (the moon) to his Over Soul (the sun). The waxing approach of the full moon has traditionally been thought of as a time of receptivity for both the moon and the mind of man. As the moon becomes increasingly illumined by the Sun's light, the inner Light of the Soul enlightens those humans who intentionally aspire to Spiritual illumination.

The waning two weeks from the full moon to the next new moon is a causative period of embodiment, evocation, or expression. By identifying with his Over Soul, the physical man creates new thought forms, discerned in Love, for the Greater Good of all humanity. See current moon appearance and statistics.

A Sonic Boom
Credit: Ensign John Gay, USS Constellation, US Navy

Explanation: Many people have heard a sonic boom, but few have seen one. When an airplane travels at a speed faster than sound, density waves of sound emitted by the plane cannot precede the plane, and so accumulate in a cone behind the plane.

When this shock wave passes, a listener hears all at once the sound emitted over a longer period: a sonic boom. As a plane accelerates to just break the sound barrier, however, an unusual cloud might form.

The origin of this cloud is still debated. A leading theory is that a drop in air pressure at the plane described by the Prandtl-Glauert Singularity occurs so that moist air condenses there to form water droplets.

Above, an F/A-18 Hornet was photographed just as it broke the sound barrier. Large meteors and the space shuttle frequently produce audible sonic booms before they are slowed below sound speed by the Earth's atmosphere.

From: NASA's "Astronomy Picture of the Day" Archive.

Powers of Ten

The massive scale of the physical universe is too much for most of us to comprehend with linear measurements. However, using multiples of 10, we can leap into an order of dimension that makes macro and micro views of the universe more accessible and, perhaps, even somewhat understandable.

  • It all started with a book and later a film by Charles and Ray Eames. So, we'll begin with a trip to the Eames home page, the "official" Powers of Ten site.

  • Florida State University has a nice Java slide show on the Powers of Ten.

  • At you can just click manually to jump up or down by powers of 10, 100, or 1000.

  • The European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva has a manually clickable tour that allows you to leap up or down by any power of ten as selected from a logarithmic ruler. (CERN, as it is known, is the world's largest particle physics center. Here physicists come to explore what matter is made of and what forces hold it together.)

  • If you'd like to settle in and read text about the Powers of Ten and, in particular, the California Academy of Sciences exhibit, go here.

  • There's a great site to help kids understand the concept at The Miami Museum of Science.

  • Here's a great source if you're looking for good, solid, math relationships and approximations put together at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the Back of an Envelope, so to speak.


The rotating spiral like the gently swinging pocket watch or fixation upon a hypnotist's eyes — collectively known as fascination — became archaic as a means of hypnotic induction by the mid-20th Century. Research comparing hypnosis to meditation and the emerging field of bio-feeback revealed relaxation to be key to hyper-suggestibility, that is, lowering one's inherent resistance to learning, understanding, and peak performance.

So, relaxation has replaced fascination as the primary means of hypnotic induction, just as fascination superseded Mesmer's theories of animal magnetism a century earlier. Nevertheless, watching a rotating spiral does tend to draw the observer's attention to a concentrated and relaxed focus in the center of the disc. See if it relaxes you.


Flammarion's Woodcut

A portion of this popular graphic forms the frame used on most of the pages in this website. It is an unsigned woodcut that first appears, in black and white of course, in Camille Flammarion's (1842-1945), L'Atmosphere: Météorologie Populaire (Paris, 1888), p. 163. There are currently too many colorized versions to know which is which.

An astronomer and a popular science writer, Flammarion's caption reads, "What, then, is this blue [sky], which certainly does exist, and which veils from us the stars during the day?"

With the following paragraphs, Flammarion explores the question.

“Whether the sky be clear or cloudy, it always seems to us to have the shape of an elliptic arch; far from having the form of a circular arch, it always seems flattened and depressed above our heads, and gradually to become farther removed toward the horizon. Our ancestors imagined that this blue vault was really what the eye would lead them to believe it to be; but, as Voltaire remarks, this is about as reasonable as if a silkworm took his web for the limits of the universe.

“The Greek astronomers represented it as formed of a solid crystal substance; and so recently as Copernicus, a large number of astronomers thought it was as solid as plate-glass. The Latin poets placed the divinities of Olympus and the stately mythological court upon this vault, above the planets and the fixed stars.

“Previous to the knowledge that the Earth was moving in space, and that space is everywhere, theologians had installed the Trinity in the empyrean, the angelic hierarchy, the saints, and all the heavenly host.... A missionary of the Middle Ages even tells us that, in one of his voyages in search of the terrestrial paradise, he reached the horizon where the earth and the heavens met, and that he discovered a certain point where they were not joined together, and where, by stooping, he passed under the roof of the heavens.... And yet this vault has, in fact, no real existence!

Many scholars see deeper, hidden meaning — the ancient quest theme in particular. In their book, The Mathematical Experience, Philip Davis and Reuben Hirsch (1995) write about this woodcut, “The astronomer reaches for truth. He is depicted as breaking through the shell of appearances to arrive at an understanding of the fundamental mechanism that lies behind appearances.”

Said simply, the sky symbolizes a shell or ring-pass-not where the material world meets the non-physical Spiritual Realm. In the same sense, the seeker breaks through and reaches out, craving at-one-ment with his Beloved Creator. As Plato wrote, “Love is the longing of the part to be Whole.”

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